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Meet Ellie.


She was sold into the dog meat trade, then “rescued” by a celebrity rescuer, only to be left behind, nearly dying of distemper.

Along with five other dogs similarly left behind, we were contacted by a small ad hoc rescue group in Guangzhou who were unable to treat them, and we took Ellie and the other five dogs into our care, first getting them treated for distemper in Guangzhou, then bringing them to Beijing.

In many cases, we are a rescue of last resort. We’ve rescued hundreds of dogs in situations very similar to Ellie’s — after all the fanfare and initial fundraising has died down, these dogs often get left behind.

But it is groups like us, the Little Adoption Shop, and others who are based in China, who stay the course for every single dog. We don’t sensationalize or exaggerate our rescue work. We don’t use photographs of other rescue’s dogs or take credit for rescues that have nothing to do with us.

We currently have approximately 700 dogs in our care — rescued from the DMT, from the streets, from abusive situations and from so-called rescuers who just decided they didn’t want the dogs — and we are here for them and will stay the course for every single one.