Nana (I) – Struck by Car, Serious Spinal Injury

Nana was found either lost or abandoned and paralyzed on the ground. Then things took a turn for the worse — can’t describe for certain reasons that are sensitive, but she wound up in a place that would have been the end of her. By the time we got a call to help her, she had already been taken away. All hope was lost, and we couldn’t find a way to rescue her. Then a super-powered angel, who happens to be a good friend, got her out and we took her straight to hospital. X-ray doesn’t show obvious spinal column (vertebrae) injury, but still need to do MRI and other tests.

UPDATE: Results are not great. There are no obvious breaks in the spinal column itself, but the MRI shows that she had a very serious blow, with serious damage to spinal cord around around thoracic vertebrae, with less serious damage near the neck. She obviously suffered a very hard blow (by car, most likely), but is no possibility of surgery. Vet Dr. Rao is going to try stem cell therapy and possible acupuncture. But prognosis is not good. I’m waiting to get digital copies of the MRI scans to share with other specialists.

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